Show Car Detailing

Professional show car detailing can be difficult to find. You may even be nervous about allowing anyone but yourself to touch your vehicle. Rest assured that Anthony’s Auto Salon has the experience, patience, and skill to take your show car and concours vehicle to the next level.

With an unlimited range of specialty services designed to produce the ultimate in gloss, shine, and wax protection for all areas of your vehicle, Anthony’s Auto Salon s ready for any show car detailing challenge, whether it be for a super car, exotic, luxury car, classic car, or even a weekend toy.

Detailing for car shows is all about ensuring 100% perfection in every corner, every inch of a vehicle. Luckily Anthony’s Auto Salon has worked with modern clear coat finishes, as well as single stage paint that does not have clear coat.

We have even worked with nitrocellulose lacquer paint on the earliest of Ford classic cars. Trust us with our skilled, proper car buffing techniques and exclusive shine enhancing polishing process to get you to the top of your show car class.