Interior Detailing

Getting your car internally detailed is a great way to make sure that your car’s interior remains in excellent shape. Regular detailing can extend the life-span of your car, increasing its resale value down the line as well as making it a more pleasurable and high-quality vehicle to drive.

While detailing is the process of making sure that your car’s interior is extremely clean, there are a few things you should take care of on your own before bringing it to the detailing shop. Don’t worry – it’s not too hard! First, what is internal detailing? Here at Anthony’s Auto Salon, for example, interior or interior detailing has a few steps. By the end of our most basic detailing process, we will have:

  • Cleaned your windows
  • Vacuumed the interior, as well as the carpet and mats
  • Detailed the console, cup holders, doors, vents, and instruments
  • Cleaned and UV protected the interior vinyl, rubber, and plastic
  • Shampoo/Clean all interior surfaces including seats and carpet
  • Cleaned the door jambs.